I Am a Hunter


My name is Lindsay Persico and I am a hunter. The word hunter doesn’t really capture the essence of what I love to do and in reality who I am. When someone says they are a hunter the visions of the orange clad, weapon wielding, blood crazed, weekend red-neck come to mind. The word has lost much of the grandeur that it originally carried but that ancient origin is far closer to what hunting actually means to me. Hunters date back to the beginning of recorded history and we all have them somewhere in our family tree. They did not just look for game a couple weeks out of the year as an occasional pastime. Being labeled a hunter was their job description. In order to do their job they were forced to become experts in many different areas of survival…but enough with the history lesson. I find pride in my desire to go back to my roots and spend my time out in nature battling wits with the noble wildlife that call it home.  All this to say that for me being a hunter is not about pursuing game a couple weeks in the fall, it affects all aspects of my life and is in the very fibers that make up who I am. So to that end…Hi, I am Lindsay Persico and I am a hunter.


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  1. You rock lady. Honored to have you on Whitetail Rendezvous


    1. HuntFiber says:

      Thank you! I am honored you asked!


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