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My mind, as of late, has been so full of ideas and musings that it has been difficult to narrow them down into words. My life is very full of blessings which in turn makes it extremely busy creating challenges for my writing. I find however that it also stimulates my mind and creativity if only I can find the free moments to jot them down. After spending a weekend in the deep snowy woods in search of wolves and coyotes I found my thoughts overflowing with enthusiasm. The woods do that to me. They make me feel truly alive. The freshness in the air and the stimulation from the exercise gives me a feeling of purpose and drive. I began to consider the course of my life and the experiences that have led me to the place I now find myself.

Amid these musings I began to have a strong desire to share the realization that each and every life is a story. It is your story. You are a writer…a producer of your story. What kind of story are you writing? Is it a tragedy? How about a romance, an adventure, a drama…possibly a soap opera? I hope not but the reality is you are the writer. Life will throw you a little bit of all of these dimensions but what you do with them and the response you have to them will be the reality of the theme of your story.

I have always sought to live an adventure. My story has also been seasoned with tragedy and seasons of strife but the overall feeling has been one of adventure and a longing for more of it at every twist and turn. I love writing my story and I hope you too are enjoying the journey of your own. Be proactive in your production. Take what life gives you and repurpose it into the workings of your desired tale. At the end of your life there will be only your story remaining. What will your story tell the world?

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