Guest Post By-Joseph Gleason


8 Bow Hunting Tips to Be a Champion In the Next Hunting Season

Hunting season may be nearing or you may have a hunting quest coming up with your friends. Of course, you want to show how good you’ve become since the last time you were on the field.

Here are eight tips that may come in handy as you prep for your latest quest.

Use a bow that suits you.

Neophyte hunters or beginners can start their hunting expedition by choosing the proper gear.

There are various kinds of bows you can get your hands on. Modern bow hunters usually use compound bows since they allow for easy firing and less use of muscles. While crossbows, although used during the Medieval era, have modern versions that work like firearms complete with triggers. If you enjoy a little challenge, you can use the long bow. It is made of wood and a string making it difficult to aim and fire when hunting.

Equipment maintenance is key.

Like all other gears, you need to check the condition of your bow to keep it in its best possible condition. Bow hunters are fond of supertuning their gear, this ensures that bows are in their pristine condition through a series of maintenance work. You can send over your hunting bow to shops where they offer the latest technology and technique for supertuning or have a do-it-yourself tuning activity. Be careful though if you’re not sure of your DIY abilities.

Choose the best bow stabilizer that works.

Making your hunting deadlier may mean investing in some bow accessories. Modern gear allows hunters to attach bow stabilizers. Placed under the grip, the best bow stabilizers help hunters with their accuracy. Basically, it secures the positioning due to added weight while giving you a quieter and straighter arrow trajectory as it minimizes vibration and energy through absorption.

There are different stabilizers available to you. You can choose the length that provides varying features suited for your hunting expeditions. These are likewise made of materials like plastic or metal and colors that fit your bows.

Get yourself the best bow sight.

Another accessory you might want to consider to be a champion hunter is the bow sight. The best bow sights in the market are those that allows hunters, like yourself, the ability to aim accurately on your target by helping you determine the projectile of your arrow. This is extremely useful for long distance shooting.

You can select a fix plate sight attached to your bow. You may also have a movable pin sight, which allows you to adjust for every shot you make. A common sight used among hunters is the fix pin sight. This provides several pin sights you can use for various distances.


Broadheads are important.

Apart from your bow and arrow, a broadhead is another part of the gear you might want to give attention to. If during practice you’ve observed that your arrow doesn’t fly straight, it might need to be changed or tuned. You should choose the design of your broadhead and consider how it may affect the success of your hunting. So pay attention to the blade count for the blood trail and the configuration, if you either want a fixed or mechanical blade heads. The key is that you need to choose which broadhead is better for the kind of hunting you will do.

Know your field.

There is no substitute for preparation, they say. If you’re going to a new hunting area, it may be best to familiarize yourself with the field. This is where Google maps come in useful. Enter your chosen hunting area and see a bird’s eye view of it.

You can also take an ocular visit and see the terrain in its actuality. Knowing the kind of field you will be working on will increase your success rate of bagging the beast of your choice. This is also helpful for security and safety in case of emergency, where you’ll know easiest and shortest access ways.

Choose the best time of the day.

Animals vary in behavior and living patterns. This means that you should understand their behavior to know which time of the day they come out and play. You need to do research online or, even better, with the locals of your hunting area.

Grip, stance, position, release.

Your grip, stance, position and release can best be improved through practice. For starters, get a coaching lesson on the proper gripping, positioning and releasing of the arrow. As for pro hunters, it’s never a bad idea to be reminded of the basics and learn new things from other hunters.

Equipped with your good skills and these tips, you surely are a champion in the making. Ready. Aim. Fire. Happy hunting!

e19f98f90ca32e84e8aed3a5becb684b Joseph Gleason is the founder of Captain Hunter. We provide guides on how to hunt effectively, answer reader questions, and reviews of the latest hunting gear. We specialize in providing expert information that does exactly what it claims.

Our dedicated staff members are each seasoned professionals with a passion for hunting built upon years of in the field experience.


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