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My name is Lindsay Persico. I live in Montana with my three little kiddos and my sweet husband. I am an assistant coach with Bristol Bay Fitness and in my spare time I pursue my love of hunting and all aspects of outdoor life. Processing game, hiking, fitness, shooting, fishing and camping are just some of the interests I find myself enjoying. I started my blog because I wanted to share my love and experiences with others and show the world that a regular girl can be an avid and successful hunter on public land. I am always learning and seeking to grow mentally and physically and I enjoy sharing my lessons and experiences along the way. I will continue my quest to learn until my last day and I am determined to be real about my struggles and mistakes along the way. That is the best way to learn. I have also written articles for The Outdoor Channel, Eastman’s Hunting Journal and various other online publications. Writing is a passion of mine and I love to tell a story that others can relate to. My love of hunting began as a little girl as I watched my dad head out on hunting trips and later packed my own gear along and headed out with him. He taught me so much and really helped me develop my love for wildlife and the outdoors. Now I am blessed to have a husband and kids who share my love and pursue it with me. I recently went to the Arctic and competed on the History Channel’s new survival show called Alone- The Beast. I was able to complete the challenge with no tools and lasted the entire 30 days. It was an adventure like no other and I am so glad I got the opportunity to experience it. Bring on the challenges…they will just be opportunities for new lessons learned in my adventure story.

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