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    For those who don’t already know, I have started a new job!!! I am an assistant coach at Bristol Bay Fitness working with Tana Grenda. We create custom fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs and coach our clients to help them reach their goals. I absolutely love my job and the most amazing thing about it […]

  • New Gear for The New Year

    New Gear for The New Year

    The 2019 hunting season will be tackled by yours truly sporting some pretty fun new gear this year. I am not one who thinks I need new crap all the time. Quite the contrary actually. I am more notorious for hating change so much that I will stick with my same ol crap after it […]

  • Idaho Archery Elk Camp

    Idaho Archery Elk Camp

      As September approaches, my anticipation for one of my favorite parts of fall starts to rise until it takes over my thoughts. For the last few years and many years of my youth September was defined by a couple weeks at my Dad’s archery elk camp in Idaho. So many years and so many […]

  • Centered


    My life is chaotic. I bet your life is chaotic too at least at times. A good life full of the best blessings usually is wrought with chaos. The two must go hand in hand. Being a naturally quiet and reserved personality, I don’t handle chaos well. It makes me anxious and distracted even when […]

  • Circle Of Life

    Circle Of Life

    It was a typical Wednesday morning. The flurry of getting everyone’s needs met before they headed off to work or school went by without a hitch. The clutter and dishes left in the waste would have to wait because this Wednesday was about to become non-typical. The night before I had carefully prepared everything my […]

  • Review of the ICONX Heated Core Vest from Pnuma

    Review of the ICONX Heated Core Vest from Pnuma

    I was out of my element. I was accustomed to the mountains, hiking, glassing and using the terrain to find, stalk and take my prey. Illinois felt to me like a whole new world. Nothing was the same or familiar and as a seasoned hunter with 20 years of experience under my belt it felt […]

  • Moments in the Woods of Opening Archery Weekend 2018

    Moments in the Woods of Opening Archery Weekend 2018

    It is hunting season, or more specifically archery season. It opened up here in Montana last weekend and thanks to the generosity of my husband and mother in law I was able to sneak away for 3 hunts that weekend. As I headed out on the first hunt and the miles ticked away behind me […]

  • It’s coming…

    It’s coming…

    Summer has tightened her grip on Montana. The smoke has begun to settle into the valleys a little bit more each day. Most of the foliage has turned brown and even what is green has an element of crunch to it. The mornings still have a coolness to them but the sun quickly overtakes it […]

  • The Great Bait Debate

    The Great Bait Debate

      Love it, hate it or indifferent on the topic, bear baiting deserves a candid conversation on the pros and the cons of this long debated practice. Bear baiting, in a way, stands alone in the sea of hunting practices as it is the only legal big game species to bait in some of the […]

  • Pining For Fall

    Pining For Fall

    Ahhhh…summer. Sweat, dirty bare feet, wedding invitation after wedding invitation, the days that you spend trying to get to fall so that you can go hunting again. At least that is what it feels like to me. I know a lot of you relate to this as there are probably at least 250 different memes […]