SOS Gear MT Review


Paracord products have taken the world by storm. One of the best in the business, in my opinion, is SOS Gear MT. What makes SOS unique? The founder and owner Chelsea Cheff makes every piece by hand, custom fit to you and your unique needs. She takes pride in keeping the business personal and getting every piece done and shipped promptly. Her good reputation among outdoor enthusiasts is spreading rapidly and I’m not surprised. I was blessed to become the proud owner of one of her newest bracelet patterns, the dragon claw. Rightly named, the bracelet pattern is indicative of the grasping claw of a dragon. I love the pattern and its uniqueness makes it all the more interesting to me. She made the bracelet to fit me specifically and also used the colors that I personally picked out for the project. Her braiding is flawless with every strand uniformly tight and visually equal to the next. A quality silver shackle clasp completes the bracelet. I received it only a few days after giving her my measurements and was surprised by how quickly the project was completed and shipped. When it arrived, I was pleased to slip it on and find it fit perfectly. The comfort I find wearing it and knowing that not only is it a nice accent piece to my wardrobe but it doubles as an available emergency cord makes it worth a lot more. I would highly recommend not only this product but also SOS Gear MT to anyone looking for quality and personal paracord products. You won’t be disappointed. SOSGearMTWebsite

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