Freezer Overflow


Perhaps this is not an issue you deal with personally. My husband and I are mostly meat hunters and are not going to burn a tag during hunting season just because the antlers were smaller than the Jones’. That mindset does however produce a vast supply of wild game meat and even though we have three kids to feed, who love deer steak, it means every fall we are faced with a freezer overflowing with game. A lot of the game is from the prior hunting season and still perfectly good to eat. So what do you do when your freezer overflows? Here are some great ways to share your bounty with those who also love lean protein but may not want to go get it themselves, be physically unable to anymore or just were simply unable to connect with enough animals that season. The first way to find happy homes for your carefully packaged prize is to simply ask your friends or family if they could use some or might know someone who can. We never seem to get past this step as we have so many elderly friends and family who love it. If you find yourself with an abundance of simple burger meat you can have that made, or make it yourself, into many varieties of fantastic sausages and then give it to friends for Christmas in the form of a gift basket. Fill it with the meat, cheeses, crackers and a bottle of wine. If you feel inclined to finish your prior years game meat yourself but still want to fill your tag this year you have the wonderful option of donating your fresh game meat to one of the organizations found at this link, These organizations use the meat to feed the hungry and homeless in your own areas. What a great program!  You may also donate frozen meat throughout the year to these wonderful people but all meat donated to them must be processed by a registered meat processor to ensure safety and quality requirements have been maintained. That same link has a list of registered butchers as well. No matter how you decide to share your wild bounty, I know it will be well received and you will find the joy that can only be found in giving. It amazes me how many times one can be blessed by the hunting experience, from the mountain and woodland adventure, the successful filling of your tag, the story telling and sharing back home, the eating of the healthy game meat and finally to the sharing of your bounty with others. Not many hobbies spread this much blessing around.

What do you do when your freezer overflows?

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