Shredded Elk Roast


Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best things. That is the case for this wild game crockpot roast recipe. This is the only way I cook a roast and it turns out amazing every time. Not only does it work but it is so simple and requires very little ingredients! I start with a sirloin or chuck roast. It can be thawed or frozen.

DSCF2338     DSCF2339

Simply place it in your crock pot and sprinkle generously with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.

DSCF2340     DSCF2341

Pour in a cup of water and cover. Cook on high all day or if you put it in at night, cook it on low for 12 hours. I watch the water level to make sure it never dries up. Add water if necessary.


The meat will cook and turn into a hard lump of meat…this looks like a failure but it is not! You are just getting started! Keep cooking it.


After a few more hours the meat will begin to fall apart and when it is done you will have perfectly shreddable meat, basting in its own juices. This meat is amazing.


You can season it for BBQ or, my favorite,)keep it as it is and put it in tortillas with sautéed onions and peppers, corn salsa, cheese and sour cream. These are the best fajitas and my husband’s favorite dish. If you want to go this route you will need a green, yellow and red bell pepper as well as a large onion.

DSCF2360     DSCF2389

Slice these vegetables and sauté them in a pan with olive oil until soft. Layer the sautéd veggies, meat, corn salsa, shredded cheese and hot sauce or sour cream in your tortilla.

DSCF2374     DSCF2381


Roll up burrito style. Happy eating!


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  1. Shannon Warren says:

    Could I do this in the oven? if so at what temperature and for how long do you think would be best I have a 4-5 lb round roast! Thanks so much!

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    1. HuntFiber says:

      I am sorry I took so long to respond to you! I have never tried it in the oven but I think if you had a very tight seal on the container it could work just as well. That size of roast will take a long time to cook. If you just want it to shred I would consider cutting it in half and placing the halves side by side to reduce cooking time. I cannot guarantee that this will work as I have not tried it myself but if I was in your shoes and had to use the oven I would place the roast in a heavy roasting pan with a tight lid or make a tight sealed foil top and leave it in the oven for 6-8 hours at 250 degrees. Just check it every hour to make sure there is enough liquid in there so that it doesn’t burn and then watch for it to fall apart. It may take longer or it may not take that long. It might require more liquid than the crock pot recipe. Again, I have not done that but I know it could be done it just may take a little experimenting.


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