Month: November 2014

  • Life Ups

    Life Ups

    We crossed the Idaho/Montana border last night without a white-tailed deer in our possession. The beautiful and complicated high mountain prairie canyons were reluctant to give up their elusive whitetails. Tristan had an opportunity at a smaller 4×5 early on in the weekend but decided to pass on him in hopes of seeing a larger […]

  • The Search

    The Search

    Crunch crunch…frozen snow makes a noise similar to a five year old with a bag of Doritos. We sounded like three five year olds with 3 party size bags of Doritos this morning as we made our way out into the frozen woods. There would be no sneaking up on game this morning. Lucky for […]

  • Stay Tuned…

    Stay Tuned…

    It has been a great hunting season this year. We have lots of antelope and elk in the freezer and many great new adventures logged away in our minds but it is far from over! Many tags are left to fill in this household. Tristan has two whitetail tags left…one in Idaho and one here […]

  • Thanksgiving Musings

    Thanksgiving Musings

    Thanksgiving is almost here. I can almost smell the steaming potatoes smothered in smooth, turkey flavored gravy. Many great days, in the life of me, have revolved around Thanksgiving. It is a time of celebration, a time of good food and the rut is happening. Ah, the rut. That elusive, wise, whitetail buck who is […]

  • Rags to Riches

    Rags to Riches

    This tale takes place on the weekend of the Beaver Moon. I had never heard about a Beaver Moon until Tristan and I were headed up the mountain and I looked out my window to see a most gorgeous view of the full moon. I commented on how beautiful it was and Tristan told me […]

  • Truth Rings Louder In The Woods

    Truth Rings Louder In The Woods

    I am getting ready for this weekend’s elk hunt. You might think I am packing up my gear or washing camo and I will be doing all of that soon, but since I am a mother of three little awesome tornados, my getting ready for a hunting weekend looks a lot different than it used […]

  • Skull Stew

    Skull Stew

    If you have a weak stomach, do yourself a favor and read something else. Proceed at your own risk. It isn’t really that bad but any topic revolving around brains, eyeballs and teeth can cause some queasiness in folks. It is that time of year again. Time to get those skulls ready for the wall […]