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  • Protected: A Little Life

    Protected: A Little Life

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  • Spirit Wars

    Spirit Wars

    There is a strange combination of spirits growing within me. They seem at war with each other but in a strange way they complement each other in ways I would have never anticipated. If you knew me in my youth you know I had the reputation for being a little extreme. I was unapproachable. I […]

  • Tattoo Tales

    Tattoo Tales

    As the steam from the natural hot springs rose around us filling the small rustic shed like exhaust billowing out of an old beat-up truck on a cold winter morning, I listened with interest as my new found friend shared her regrets over the tattoos from her youth that still enveloped both of her arms […]

  • Survival Mode

    Survival Mode

    I have been learning a lot lately. I love to learn. It is something that used to come fairly easily for me but recently had been incredibly difficult. I didn’t realize how much stress was affecting me in so many areas. Stress is such a complicated thing. Some of it is really easy for us […]

  • Elk Bone Broth

    Elk Bone Broth

    Bone broth is well known for its rich collagen and wealth of nutrients. I love using my wild game animals to the fullest extent I can. I started making this bone broth last year with the leg bones and joints of any elk I could get my hands on. I love it and often enjoy […]

  • Food Juggling Tricks

    Food Juggling Tricks

    I am a wife and a mom to three great kiddos. I am busy with a job, taking care of the house, taking care of my family, my hunting and outdoor pursuits and many many things!  Usually when meal time hits it feels like something that has to be done and got through as quickly […]



    For those who don’t already know, I have started a new job!!! I am an assistant coach at Bristol Bay Fitness working with Tana Grenda. We create custom fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs and coach our clients to help them reach their goals. I absolutely love my job and the most amazing thing about it […]

  • Easy Instant Pot Elk Shank Dinner

    Easy Instant Pot Elk Shank Dinner

    I hate having to scroll for miles to get to the recipe I found online so I am just going to get straight to the point. Those tough and sinew filled chunks of meat that come from the lower legs of big game animals are called the shank. Chuck and shank roasts are elevated to […]

  • Processing…


    It is one week into the new year and everyone is busy creating memes about how it’s just the next 2020 and freaking out over right wing extremists taking over the capitol and the end of the world. I feel like I am watching all of this take place inside one of those giant glass […]

  • Stress And Metabolism

    Stress And Metabolism

          Stress impacts our bodies and health in many ways and not in exactly the same way for each person in each situation. For some people stress can result in weight gain and others it causes weight loss. Let’s look at what is going on inside the body when we experience stress.       Stress can […]