Stay Tuned…


It has been a great hunting season this year. We have lots of antelope and elk in the freezer and many great new adventures logged away in our minds but it is far from over! Many tags are left to fill in this household. Tristan has two whitetail tags left…one in Idaho and one here in Montana. I also have a Montana whitetail tag, as well as a bull tag and a draw only cow elk tag for up on the Mountain. The tags and animals are not the hard part of this equation to get together. For me the time and animals are the difficult items to combine. This week I will be spending some time near the home territory, if not filling a tag at least learning the areas nearby. Coming up next…Idaho whitetail adventures starring my awesome husband and father. This weekend will find us traipsing the frozen hillsides of Idaho’s high mountain prairie country in search of big bucks. They are there…will we find them? Also on the books for the end of November is my last chance at filling my cow tag up on the Mountain. So far our sights have been filled with antlers in that country. I have one weekend left to try. Think I will get that tasty cow? Stay tuned to find out…

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