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  • Moose Enchiladas

    Moose Enchiladas

    The soul of delicious comfort food must have had its origin somewhere in the warm heart of an Hispanic grandmother. Somewhere in time lost, this woman developed the wonder that is the enchilada. Her wizardry has stood the test of time and palate alike. It’s simply delicious. The moose with his hearty and robust addition […]

  • Wild Turkey Smokey BBQ Sliders

    Wild Turkey Smokey BBQ Sliders

    It is spring turkey season here in Montana. Spring is an exciting time for many reasons and a chance to go dance with a strutting Tom is one of them. If you find yourself one of the lucky hunters notching your tag this year I think you will find this wild turkey recipe an amazing […]

  • Herb/Lime Elk Steak Dinner

    Herb/Lime Elk Steak Dinner

    Sometimes my creative side comes out. It isn’t always there but every once in awhile something happens and dishes like this are created. The flavors in this meal are really evident and I will definitely be making it again! Really simple ingredients put together in unique ways make this one delicious dinner dish. Ingredients:   […]

  • Apple Bacon Wrapped Elk Tenderloin

    Apple Bacon Wrapped Elk Tenderloin

    One of the most prized cuts off the tasty elk is the tenderloin. These prime meats are so tender and delicious that I often have the packages sitting in the freezer until almost the following hunting season because I want to save them for something special. Today I decided to try to roast a whole […]

  • Antelope Italian Sausage Stuffed Shells

    Antelope Italian Sausage Stuffed Shells

    Antelope is rapidly becoming one of my favorite meats. With unique flavor and incredible tenderness, this prairie protein stands alone in a sea of meats. When we butcher our antelope, we turn all the ground meat into Italian sausage. Antelope has a natural sage flavor lending itself perfectly to the herbs and spices in sausages. […]

  • Macros… Hunting Fitness/Nutrition Journey

    Macros… Hunting Fitness/Nutrition Journey

      Fitness has always been a large interest of mine. Having read countless books on subjects ranging from nutrition, sports fitness, muscle building and the like has given me a good base of knowledge on the subject. I have always had an interest in obtaining a Sports Nutrition Certification and may someday do that, even […]

  • Crock-pot Elk Bourguignon

    Crock-pot Elk Bourguignon

      I am blessed to be able to cook with elk meat multiple times a week. Finding recipes with amazing flavor and adapting them to the elk meat is one of my favorite ways to keep it fresh and new. This week I found the ingredients available for this version of stew and the result […]

  • Elk Street Tacos

    Elk Street Tacos

    I love Mexican food. In our house, not a week goes by that we don’t eat at least two Latin American inspired dinner dishes. The flavors and versatility just capture me and keep pulling me in! Obviously tacos come to mind when you think Mexican food but I like to switch up the traditional ingredients […]

  • Spinach-Mozzarella-Garlic Stuffed Elk Steaks

    Spinach-Mozzarella-Garlic Stuffed Elk Steaks

    Spinach-Garlic-Mozzarella Stuffed Elk Steak Simple elk steak is hard to beat. I love a plain steak off the grill or out of the cast iron but I also love having a variety of recipes to add some spice to the menu. This recipe is very simple to make and adds a fun flavor and look […]

  • Elk Pot Pie

    Elk Pot Pie

    As beautiful as an elk is standing among sparse pine, inhaling the smells of his fellow steeds and flaunting his horns to the ladies in the bunch. It does not compare to the allure he boasts in this tantalizing, wild dish. Your senses could not predict the escapade they are about to embark on and […]