Macros… Hunting Fitness/Nutrition Journey



Fitness has always been a large interest of mine. Having read countless books on subjects ranging from nutrition, sports fitness, muscle building and the like has given me a good base of knowledge on the subject. I have always had an interest in obtaining a Sports Nutrition Certification and may someday do that, even if only for my own knowledge. I’m weird that way. If I am really interested in something, I want the details.



This strange obsession in me has recently led me to try my hand at following the eating for my “macros” trend. The idea seemed very complicated to me at first but after watching a lot of videos, reading and listening to podcasts on the topic, I felt confidant in my understanding of the science behind it. I also found myself agreeing with the science behind it and wanting to try it for myself.



My goals have always been focused around building strength and stamina. I want to be able to live life unhindered by physical limitations brought on by my laziness to push myself to my full potential. I have had setbacks in my journey such as pregnancies, surgeries and emotional responses to loss. These have only spurred my desire to push myself, in the end, as they made me stronger and more confident in my abilities to adapt.



My goals foster the need for a higher intake of protein than some goals would and that works out perfectly for me as a hunter. I just happen to have the best source of organic lean protein, in abundance, in my freezer! Hunting creates the most amazing cycle of success for my goals.



I want to hunt stronger, better and longer. Hunting builds strength and endurance fueled by the desire for the experience and the necessary protein. The protein fuels my gains and the cycle produces success. This journey is life long and I’m enjoying the stage I find myself in now. Everyone is on a journey. If your successes, on your path, are fueled by your passion then what more can you ask for?


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