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  • Elk Bone Broth

    Elk Bone Broth

    Bone broth is well known for its rich collagen and wealth of nutrients. I love using my wild game animals to the fullest extent I can. I started making this bone broth last year with the leg bones and joints of any elk I could get my hands on. I love it and often enjoy […]

  • Easy Instant Pot Elk Shank Dinner

    Easy Instant Pot Elk Shank Dinner

    I hate having to scroll for miles to get to the recipe I found online so I am just going to get straight to the point. Those tough and sinew filled chunks of meat that come from the lower legs of big game animals are called the shank. Chuck and shank roasts are elevated to […]

  • Idaho Archery Elk Camp

    Idaho Archery Elk Camp

      As September approaches, my anticipation for one of my favorite parts of fall starts to rise until it takes over my thoughts. For the last few years and many years of my youth September was defined by a couple weeks at my Dad’s archery elk camp in Idaho. So many years and so many […]

  • Centered


    My life is chaotic. I bet your life is chaotic too at least at times. A good life full of the best blessings usually is wrought with chaos. The two must go hand in hand. Being a naturally quiet and reserved personality, I don’t handle chaos well. It makes me anxious and distracted even when […]

  • Spicy Sriracha Elk Sausage Sandwiches

    Spicy Sriracha Elk Sausage Sandwiches

    I like to get creative in the kitchen. Sometimes I come up with some really random dishes and sometimes I create something that is destined to become a household classic. This sandwich is just such a creation. I sent these spiced, cheesy concoctions to the guys at the local dojo and they were an instant […]

  • Moments in the Woods of Opening Archery Weekend 2018

    Moments in the Woods of Opening Archery Weekend 2018

    It is hunting season, or more specifically archery season. It opened up here in Montana last weekend and thanks to the generosity of my husband and mother in law I was able to sneak away for 3 hunts that weekend. As I headed out on the first hunt and the miles ticked away behind me […]

  • It’s coming…

    It’s coming…

    Summer has tightened her grip on Montana. The smoke has begun to settle into the valleys a little bit more each day. Most of the foliage has turned brown and even what is green has an element of crunch to it. The mornings still have a coolness to them but the sun quickly overtakes it […]

  • Elk Italian Sausage Sandwiches

    Elk Italian Sausage Sandwiches

    My husband and I butcher our wild game ourselves each year. Part of our burger meat always gets crafted into delicious bulk Italian sausage. I use it for many things but today I decided to try something different. Elk Italian Sausage Sandwiches are a creative and delicious dinner that received the coveted Hubby’s thumbs up […]

  • Herb/Lime Elk Steak Dinner

    Herb/Lime Elk Steak Dinner

    Sometimes my creative side comes out. It isn’t always there but every once in awhile something happens and dishes like this are created. The flavors in this meal are really evident and I will definitely be making it again! Really simple ingredients put together in unique ways make this one delicious dinner dish. Ingredients:   […]

  • Apple Bacon Wrapped Elk Tenderloin

    Apple Bacon Wrapped Elk Tenderloin

    One of the most prized cuts off the tasty elk is the tenderloin. These prime meats are so tender and delicious that I often have the packages sitting in the freezer until almost the following hunting season because I want to save them for something special. Today I decided to try to roast a whole […]