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  • Centered


    My life is chaotic. I bet your life is chaotic too at least at times. A good life full of the best blessings usually is wrought with chaos. The two must go hand in hand. Being a naturally quiet and reserved personality, I don’t handle chaos well. It makes me anxious and distracted even when […]

  • Circle Of Life

    Circle Of Life

    It was a typical Wednesday morning. The flurry of getting everyone’s needs met before they headed off to work or school went by without a hitch. The clutter and dishes left in the waste would have to wait because this Wednesday was about to become non-typical. The night before I had carefully prepared everything my […]

  • Moments in the Woods of Opening Archery Weekend 2018

    Moments in the Woods of Opening Archery Weekend 2018

    It is hunting season, or more specifically archery season. It opened up here in Montana last weekend and thanks to the generosity of my husband and mother in law I was able to sneak away for 3 hunts that weekend. As I headed out on the first hunt and the miles ticked away behind me […]

  • Vortex Optics Fury HD 10×42 Rangefinding Binocular Review

    Vortex Optics Fury HD 10×42 Rangefinding Binocular Review

    Two hunters blend into the hillside like lions in the savannah. They are watching their quarry as it feeds along, but they are watching it over a mile away. Using technology to enhance our hunts continues to provide us more opportunities in the field. Binoculars and rangefinders are staples for us on our hunts here […]

  • It’s coming…

    It’s coming…

    Summer has tightened her grip on Montana. The smoke has begun to settle into the valleys a little bit more each day. Most of the foliage has turned brown and even what is green has an element of crunch to it. The mornings still have a coolness to them but the sun quickly overtakes it […]

  • Tristan’s Boone And Crockett Moose

    Tristan’s Boone And Crockett Moose

      Hunting season begins early in the year long before the weather turns and the freezer starts to empty. The future season actually begins when the draw results come out in June. That is when the planning can begin as it depends on what you draw. When this information pops up on our Montana Fish […]

  • Mother Nature Takes Pity

    Mother Nature Takes Pity

    Bears, the picnic basket stealing, honey loving, fluff buckets that continually produce the winning move in our cat and mouse games each hunting season. Every time the sun goes down on the last day of bear season and I am left standing in the brush, un-punched tag lying listless in my camo pocket, I develop […]

  • Spring Bear Hunting In Montana

    Spring Bear Hunting In Montana

      Spring offers a few motivating reasons to get out into the woods here in Montana. Cabin fever is a great motivator, as are turkey season and bear season. This year I am spending some time out glassing for the elusive black bear. One of the benefits of bear hunting is the vast amount of […]

  • Predator Protein

    Predator Protein

    Predators are viewed from every angle and spectrum of human emotion. By some they are revered, mystified and enshrined as gods. Others view them as purely terrifying, placing themselves into the prey position and realizing the full potential of the creatures. Still others view them as steep competition for their resources as we are predators […]

  • Fall Off Cloud 9

    Fall Off Cloud 9

    So much has happened since I last put finger to keyboard. Nothing in this over computerized, technologically engorged culture ever waxes poetically anymore. But my fall has been the purest picture of perfect. I feel spoiled and I am spoiled. I don’t deserve to have had so many things go my way but I will […]