Fall Off Cloud 9


So much has happened since I last put finger to keyboard. Nothing in this over computerized, technologically engorged culture ever waxes poetically anymore. But my fall has been the purest picture of perfect. I feel spoiled and I am spoiled. I don’t deserve to have had so many things go my way but I will thank my lucky stars and the God who put them there for each and every blessing. The string of good luck started with the opening morning of elk season when I bagged a pretty 6X6 bull.


The experience was awesome and I was on cloud 9 for 3 days. I then plummeted off cloud 9 and landed somewhere between pure rage and heartbreak. The landing was hard and the blame lay solely on the creep who entered my garage in the black of night and stole my elk skull and my tiny remaining sliver of faith in humanity. I carefully nursed my rage and tucked in my heartbreak while I scoured the town and contacted more people than if I was running for public office.


The hard work paid off and I found myself back up on cloud 9 in utter disbelief when a local antler buyer called and I heard the words, “I have your elk.” That bliss just seemed to last and last as I drew closer to another hurdle I was bracing for. My NASM Personal Trainer Certification test was scheduled and Nov. 15 marched closer and closer as I tried to cram every chart and table and miniscule fact somewhere in the recesses of my slow brain where hopefully I would be able to retrieve it on test day.


With nerves on the edge of a precipice that resembled the highest cliff in the Grand Canyon, I marched myself to the college testing area and did the deed. Cloud 9 turned into cloud 29 as the test administrator said the sweetest words I have ever heard from a stranger,” You passed! ”


I’m pretty sure all the young college kids knew I was a crazy old mom lady as I skipped out of the testing office. My mom had been in town to watch the kids so that I could go take this test and the next day we decided to celebrate by taking a drive up to a pretty scenic lake with my little 2 year old. When my husband said,” There are a lot of deer up there.” my ears perked up a little. I knew chances were slim but I threw my rifle in anyway.


I thought it would be really cool to get a deer with Mason and my mom there. That would top off the test celebration like being valedictorian tops off graduation. My luck held out and the day was anything but a disappointment as mom and I drove home with a buck up on the roof of her little SUV. We beamed proudly when we drove to pick up the kids from school amid the shrieks of children and parents detached from the reality of the source of their food.


Mason got to be there and it was an awesome experience. I am grateful for all the amazing blessings this fall and I am going to take the momentum they have given me and let it lift me to my new goals for this winter. A new business, predator hunting and making memories with family and friends leave me with a lot to look forward to.


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