Family Time in the Field


Yesterday I was able to go out and do some shooting with my DPMS Mini-SASS. My scope, a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm FFP with the new EBR-2c MOA reticle, is very high tech and I wanted to spend some more time just practicing calculating yardage and turret adjustments accurately. My scope allows you to adjust the turrets and hold right on but also has the minutes of angle on the reticle itself so you can make faster elevation and windage adjustments if necessary. I have the drop chart for my specific load taped too the side of my stock but just needed to practice making the adjustments and shooting to see if I had calculated it correctly. It felt good to consistently hear that gong ting out there at 505 yards. Even in windy weather you can make an adjustment and consistently hit at that range with the 223. On a calm day an 800 yard shot is not unlikely with this amazing scope and set up. Tristan would give me a scenario, for example, I had shot at an antelope at 510 yards and then he ran into 406 yards. How many minutes of angle would I either hold to on my reticle or adjust my turret too on my scope in order for it to be on? Then I would take the shot to see if I was right.




The more you practice the more confidence you will have when out in the field and in the heat of the moment. I am so blessed to have my technical minded husband who is willing to take the extra time and help me understand the process so that I too can be proficient in all the steps necessary to shoot accurately with this precision equipment. Not only do I have him out there with me doing what I love, but I am so blessed that my kids also love to come along and take part in the process.




My daughter wanted to give it a shot as well so we set her up toward the 400 yard gong and when she was comfortable and had the crosshairs on the center of the circle I told her to squeeze the trigger slowly. Before I could finish my statement the shot rang out and the ting from the bullet hitting dead center was loud in our ears. The smile on her face was as big as it has ever been and watching her made me so happy. We all celebrated the amazing shot for a 7 year old and told her how well she did. She is as hooked as I am and I can’t wait to make more memories with her out in the field. The shell from her first 400 yard shot went right into my pocket and I will be making her a necklace out of it soon. All in all the afternoon was filled with fun, memories and confidence building. What more can you ask for?


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