At Your Core-Hunting and Existing Outdoors

Balance, it is a juggling act and you are the clown. I often feel that I look literally like a clown, red nose, pasty painted on smile, crazy rainbow hair and unkempt baggy clothes draped over my huge feet. I really do have huge feet. Perhaps I missed my calling. Life is a balancing act. There are so many things that pull and tug at us. Most of them don’t care a bit about us and what we are feeling. They just keep pulling. Our hair comes out and they keep pulling. We trip and fall and they keep pulling. They will drag you if they have to. We only have so much ability to invest and sometimes that ability taps out. Ok, it always taps out. I am learning, when that happens, that I can find myself with stuff tugging at me that I really want to invest in…

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