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  • An Early Season Lesson

    An Early Season Lesson

    Archery season has officially started here in Montana which means that I can pursue a mule deer buck, whitetail doe, bull elk and doe antelope with my bow. I can also hunt black bear with a rifle and turkeys with a shotgun. I have been able to get out twice so far.  Day 1 found […]

  • Adventure Awaits

    Adventure Awaits

    The 2015 hunting season is literally just around the corner and for those of you who are interested, I thought I would share a little bit about what tags are burning holes in our pockets and what we are doing to prepare to share the success stories of the notching of those tags with you. […]

  • When the Work Begins

    When the Work Begins

    Hunting has taken me to some of the most beautiful moments in my life. It also brings with it the necessity of a spirit unwavered by less than beautiful tasks. I love the diversity of this passion. After a hunt that ends with quarry on the ground, a new set of skills is needed as […]

  • Hunters Do Laundry Too.

    Hunters Do Laundry Too.

    I am a mom after all and as such I find myself doing laundry on occasion. Ok a lot. All the time. I guess my washer and dryer are always occupied, lets just put it that way. Muddy laundry, bloody camo laundry and kid laundry (the horror). Laundry soap is expensive these days along with […]

  • Family Time in the Field

    Family Time in the Field

    Yesterday I was able to go out and do some shooting with my DPMS Mini-SASS. My scope, a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm FFP with the new EBR-2c MOA reticle, is very high tech and I wanted to spend some more time just practicing calculating yardage and turret adjustments accurately. My scope allows you to adjust […]

  • Part 2 of My First Elk

    Part 2 of My First Elk

    We got her to the logging road and loaded up. It was still early in the day and since the whole herd had poured off the back of the ridge, we decided to attempt to locate them again. Two bull tags were burning holes in the Mountain Man and Bill’s frozen pockets. The Mountain Man […]

  • My First Elk

    My First Elk

    Chain up, it is about to get wild around here. The final weekend of the season and my last chance to fill my cow tag, proved to be one action packed epic adventure up on the Mountain again. That place never leaves you feeling lackluster or bored. Fourteen inches of fresh fluffy snow packed down […]

  • The Search

    The Search

    Crunch crunch…frozen snow makes a noise similar to a five year old with a bag of Doritos. We sounded like three five year olds with 3 party size bags of Doritos this morning as we made our way out into the frozen woods. There would be no sneaking up on game this morning. Lucky for […]

  • Stay Tuned…

    Stay Tuned…

    It has been a great hunting season this year. We have lots of antelope and elk in the freezer and many great new adventures logged away in our minds but it is far from over! Many tags are left to fill in this household. Tristan has two whitetail tags left…one in Idaho and one here […]

  • Thanksgiving Musings

    Thanksgiving Musings

    Thanksgiving is almost here. I can almost smell the steaming potatoes smothered in smooth, turkey flavored gravy. Many great days, in the life of me, have revolved around Thanksgiving. It is a time of celebration, a time of good food and the rut is happening. Ah, the rut. That elusive, wise, whitetail buck who is […]