Sweat the Small Stuff


I was reading a motivational article on our habit as busy humans to worry about little things that don’t really matter. It steals from our overall quality of life and in the end never helps our situation anyway. My final thought on the matter was the realization that just as real live sweating can leave us dehydrated, mental sweating can leave us mentally dehydrated…not a condition I want to find myself in. All these thoughts inevitably led me back to hunting as usual. I started thinking about shooting…not only rifle and pistol shooting but archery as well. Sweating the small stuff when it comes to shooting makes the difference between average accuracy and exceptional groups. There is much more to firing that rifle than just pulling the trigger. We can make sure our weapons are level, are firing the best size and weight projectile, make sure we are standing or laying in the best position, make sure our method of firing produces minimal effect on the weapon and on and on. All these minute details can seem tiring, overwhelming and annoying but unlike sweating mentally and physically, sweating the small stuff in our shooting practice leaves us calm and on target when it counts.

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