Jerry Drops Jaws

The first time I heard about Jerry Miculek I was skeptical and I should have been. When someone claims to be able to shoot as fast, far and accurately as he does it sounds…far fetched. I was however completely wrong. I love watching as this man continually awes me with his abilities all while laughing and just thoroughly enjoying himself. So he should, who wouldn’t be happy with a job like that! He has earned his title as the fastest and most renowned shooter and is widely known as the greatest shooter of all time. Naturally as a shooter myself I know that my own shooting skills could only be improved by watching and learning from him. Recently Jerry pulled yet another amazing shot off and possibly topped all his other accomplishments to date. Shooting at a balloon taped to a steel target at 1,000 yards is a difficult shot with a long range rifle, so naturally Jerry shoots it will a 9mm revolver. Makes sense right? Only Jerry Miculek would even consider trying such a shot let alone be able to pull it off in only 2 shots. Check out the video and see for yourself! He has earned my respect and I will be learning everything I can from his wealth of tips and knowledge he willingly shares!  Hope you enjoy his videos as much as I do!

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