Testing the Waters


It is a new season in life for me in many ways. Not only do I have a new baby but I recently got married and moved to Montana. It is also a new hunting season but not just any hunting season…it is my first hunting season in my new home state. I left behind all my old hunting areas…hunting buddies, seasons, rules and so on. I am excited about my new opportunities in another great hunting state!!! I am also a little overwhelmed by all I need to learn to be able to be successful here, especially when juggling the learning with 3 kids one of which is well…tiny. When starting out learning a new area you just have to get out there and make some connections. It takes a lot of footwork. I plan to spend some serious time in our hunting regulations learning the differences between Montana and Idaho. Too bad the deer in the yard are off limits. I am blessed to have my husband an old pro at this Montana stuff. He helped me get my tags lined out this year and I drew a cow tag as well as an antelope tag! It’s going to be a fun season. Over all I will be out in the wilds of Montana on public land looking to outwit a deer, 2 elk and an antelope. I can’t wait to see what the season holds but whether it holds massive amounts of meat or just massive amounts of memories, I already know it will be a successful maiden Montana voyage.

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  1. Dover & Jax says:

    I’m looking forward to reading a lot more from you this fall. Cheers to your new writing experience, it’s fun for us too! – Eric


  2. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! Much more to come 🙂


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