Java…Joe…Just a Good Ol’ Cup of Coffee

Mmm. Coffee. Yes I am one of the many Americans who could be labeled, ” Addicted ” to coffee. The cup sitting next to me is a swirling, steaming, motivating, beautiful cup of Joe made for me, with love, by my Dad. Today we are going shooting. My husband and I brought some guns to the great state of Idaho so we could spend some of our day out making lead filled memories with my Dad. It’s a beautiful thing…not only the outdoors, people and experience but the gun. It is a gorgeous piece of weaponry, thoughtfully crafted for me out of love by my husband for my birthday. He must love me an awful lot. He makes my dreams come true. I have dreamt of this gun for awhile now and thought it was just a dream, at least for a long time, until that blue wrapping paper tore to reveal the enormous gift from his heart of gold…my very own DPMS Mini SASS.


Oh but wait…there’s more. It was not just this eye candy of a gun but how he tricked it out and the stockpile of ammo components and magazines he compiled for me as well. I was literally speechless. Let me introduce you to this accurate beauty. The gun came with an 18″ Mid length Fluted Bull 1X8 twist barrel, MagPul MBUS front and rear flip-up sights, Panther Flash Hider, MagPul PRS Stock and Harris Bipod. My husband then took the already great gun and tricked it out by adding  a Streamlight TLR-2 Tac2 light /laser, Jewel Trigger, Butler Creek sling and a DPMS Accurizing Wedge. Before he gave me the rifle he also purchased an array of accessories from MagPul including an angled forend grip, BAD extended bolt catch lever and an angled trigger guard. Vortex Optics comprises the entire optics package for this rifle. The scope, currently on backorder, is a Viper PST 6-24x50mm FFP with the new EBR-2c MOA reticle mounted to a 30mm catilever mount with a 2″ offset. When the scope arrives it has a Vortex bubble level and Butler Creek Blizzard scope caps waiting for it. For close range encounters there is a Vortex Razor 3moa red dot sight using 45 degree offset mount. The illuminated reticle PST and the Razor red dot both use CR2032 batteries so a Vortex spare battery holder is conveniently mounted to the front of my rail above the bipod. Finally my husband purchased me an ample supply of 30, 20 and 10 round AR Stoner stainless steel magazines and replaced the followers in them with bright yellow MagPul enhanced self leveling magazine followers. For reloading components I received 1000 Nosler 77gr Custom Competition bullets that will fully take advantage of the 1-8 twist barrel included on the original rifle, as well as 700 pieces of Lake City brass all with matching LC-12 head stamps that he polished, resized, trimmed, deburred, camphered, primer pocket uniformed and flash hole uniformed. A pound of IMR-8208 and 1000 Federal Match AR small rifle primers rounded out my reloading components. He must REALLY love me.


The scope that he carefully picked out for me is so new that we are still waiting for it to be shipped. That has not stopped us from going out and making exceptional groups with the iron sights at 300 yards as well as sighting in the red dot. This gun is just plain fun to shoot. I am on pins and needles waiting for that scope to come in because I know with that amazing piece of equipment gracing the top of this already fabulous gun I will have one accurate rifle on my hands. When it comes I will update you on the awesomeness of the combination. Until then I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know the ins and outs of the art of AR-15 manipulation. I have a good teacher. I am happy we get to share the joy of shooting with my Dad today…after another cup of this fabulous coffee of course.

DSCF2003        DSCF2008

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