Gerber Hunting Prep…What???


Never in my life did I imagine that my hunting season preparations would ever include the activities I found myself in today. However without a pump and some sterilized baby bottles my hunting season would be non existent this year! The time I am putting in today is an investment that will enable me to have some time in the beautiful Montana countryside revitalizing my soul and spirit while enjoying the pursuit of game that tantalizes the taste buds and enriches the conversations around our dinner table. It is definitely worth the effort. Of course that is not the only preparations we have been making. There have been a lot of gun adjustments, time on the range and arranging for babysitters that needed to occur. Being a hunter and a full time mom is sometimes a conflict of interest but when you look closer at the two you see there are many great reasons to combine them. For starters it keeps this mother sane and happy in my soul to have the time in fresh pine air but add to that the pure, healthy unaltered protein I can serve to my family, memories made spending quality time in the outdoors and being a part of my children’s treasured hunting experiences. When looked at from that perspective I can’t afford to neglect this priority. Someday I will look back on this time in my life and miss it. I suppose, that being true, I better enjoy every facet of it now while I have the chance…even down to the odd hunting prep.

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