Legacy of Land


There are so many places I want to go see, see again and see more of. Glacier National Park for instance. Yeah, I know I live in Montana. I know it is only a couple hours away and there is really no excuse for not having seen it already. I think that the wonders right outside our backdoor are easier to pass over sometimes simply because we think we have lots of time to make these experiences happen. What if we didn’t? I know I take my amazing surroundings and many federally protected lands close by, for granted. Here in Montana and all of America really, we are spoiled by those who came before us and decided to protect these amazing places so we could see them too. How thoughtful of them! Just because they saved them once does not mean that we can just sit back and enjoy the benefits of their hard work. We have work to do too. Keeping those lands protected is an ongoing responsibility. There are people out there who don’t share the reverence for these lands that I do. They would place a higher priority on using these lands for timber harvest or selling it outright to private parties than preserving it and allowing us all to enjoy the benefits of that preserved land. Below is a link to a great article that reviews some of the issues surrounding the recent proposal here in Montana that wants to give control of federal public lands to the state. Might sound harmless at first glance but if you dig a little bit, the adverse consequences of such a transfer of land would be devastating to our gorgeous land’s future. The idea behind it is a good one. There is thought that it could generate some jobs and boost the economy but the concern for the lack of state funding to cover all the needs for this new land is legitimate. If the state can not afford to keep all the land it would be sold to the highest bidder. That means anyone, even another country, could own some of our beautiful land that our forefathers worked so hard to leave for us as a priceless heirloom. I will do everything I can to protect my inheritance. Take a little time to become familiar with what is happening in your area and give a voice to those who are gone but began the fight for our lands so long ago. Carry their legacy on for those who come after us so they too can have the privilege of planning a family trip to Glacier National Park.




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