Life without the feeling of anticipation would really be no life at all. I love having something to look forward too…something to think about that is yet to come. It can be something small like having the last load of laundry done and empty hampers or something huge like a due date or anniversary. Right now I am feeling it…anticipation is in the air and it is bringing with it excitement! All this flurry of mental activity is a direct effect of our upcoming, antelope, hunting trip in October. It is coming quick folks and I can’t wait but while I am waiting I will thoroughly enjoy all this pleasant anticipation. Antelope hunting is just plain fun. They are fast. They blend in with the sandy, waving, grass covered hills. They taste delicious. The experience is worth the cactus risks. Many times I have found myself so focused on an antelope I was stalking that I stealthily crept myself into the middle of a cactus patch. It is very difficult to keep from startling an entire herd of antelope when you sit on a cactus. How can I be so excited to go out onto the brisk, windy, October, Montana, cactus infested plains? It is because of the pure experience!!! It is cold but the cold is so welcomed after the heat of the summer and it brings with it a teasing, tantalizing, sneak peak of winter in all its glory. The antelope is such a worthy opponent. It is wary with keen sight and speed that makes chasing it laughable. The cactus provides opportunities for a moment of frustration and hours of humorous moments afterwards. If I am fortunate enough to harvest one of these beautiful animals then I also get to savor the unique taste experience of my favorite antelope meat dish seasoned with a spicy combination including honey and ginger. When you put all these experiences together you can see why antelope hunting is one of my huge anticipations in life. I am so excited to make more memories chasing the wild antelope and this year I get to add my Dad and hubby into my prairie adventures. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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