Passing the Torch

10612610_10204758240097854_246753144883620867_n It was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up nor did I want to. My Dad spends two weeks at his Idaho archery elk camp with his buddies but I only had one day available to go up and soak in some of the camaraderie and fresh cedar air. So I went. I took my little baby boy with me. This was his maiden voyage to elk camp and that made it special. I made sure he had his little camo pants on so he would fit in with the capable hunters. Unfortunately no amount of camo could would hide the fact that he is substantially smaller than the rest of them. He fits in perfectly. I love seeing the vast amount of wisdom and experience gathered around the campsite just investing in that little baby boy. They are already planning how he will be included in the future treks in search of elusive Idaho Elk. They want him there and they want to teach him, to pass the torch with enthusiasm to the next generation’s capable hands. They are excited to play a role in making him capable. This little boy is so blessed and I hope he realizes it someday. We all have a lot that we can share and I hope we do. Let’s pass the torch and with it the capability to utilize it wisely. Invest in your kids, grandkids and others in your path. Share your love and passion so they too can feel those goosebumps ripple up their arm at the sound of the bull elk’s bugle, so they can catch their breath when they reach the top of the canyon ridge and look back at the countryside they just traversed in pursuit of a whitetail. I am so thankful I have good people who want to invest in my boy and share with him, as they did with me, this love of the great outdoors.

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