Water Wars-Hunting Fitness/Nutrition Journey


Hydration is very important for everyone and I, as a chronically dehydrated fool, can attest to that fact. Headaches, malaise and poor brain function are just a couple decent reasons to try to drink enough H2O every day but I recently found out a little info that was new to me and I thought might be new to most of you as well so I wanted to pass it along. I have found myself eating a larger amount of protein these days as I struggle to find the proper diet in an attempt to alleviate symptoms from my Hashimoto Thyroiditis, which has recently plagued me with hypoglycemia. Sugar, starches and carbohydrates are not my friend. It’s like that person that you hate but you have to keep them around because they are family. Drat. So, I have been eating healthy sources of carbohydrates in small amounts and always accompanied by a healthy fat and protein. This is all well and good but in my studies I have learned that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates has a couple possible side effects. One primary concern with this diet is dehydration. The need for fluid consumption becomes much greater when consuming large quantities of protein. Protein requires 7 times the water for metabolism than carbohydrates or fat. When you up your protein intake you generally lower your carbohydrate intake, which can lead to decreased glycogen stores and ultimately reduced performance and dehydration. Even 3% dehydration can affect your performance so it’s recommended that active individuals weigh themselves regularly to ensure they are properly hydrated when eating a high protein diet. Now, I am not going to weigh myself all day long. Enter the huge gallon water jar. I am attempting to drink an entire gallon of water every day to ensure I am staying hydrated. It is harder than I thought! I know if I don’t get all of it down I will still be very hydrated at close to a gallon but striving for that gallon every day ensures I get enough. My daughter says, “ Wow, you must be really watery.” and she is right.


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  1. Col says:

    I started drinking a gallon of water a day 40 years ago. I did not know I had throid issues. Just knew water helped get me through the day. I too know that carbs and sugar give me brain fog and all kinds of health problems. Winter is tough to get the water down so I have to stay active so I’m thirsty😄

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    1. HuntFiber says:

      That is a great idea to help make it easier! Glad you have found something that works. 🙂


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