Slaughter Or Nothing


I have discovered a trait within myself that is undesirable. That is nothing new. I often find faults within myself that are probably blatantly obvious to everyone on earth, for eons and eons, except me. Suddenly, the fog clears from between my offset and very uneven ears and I finally see what everyone else has been pained to try to overlook for years. Sorry guys. Speed has never really been my thing so the sad reality is you might grow incredibly old and wrinkly if you are waiting around for me to come to my senses. Not that all of you are freaking Einsteins either or anything. The epiphany hit me during a very ordinary day full of laundry, dishes, corralling children and trying to figure out how to break through to the dog that she cannot steal food off the table. My ordinary days always start off with out of the ordinary and apparently completely unrealistic ambitions. This day as I was routinely failing at most of them I had a revelation that I am a slaughter or nothing personality. It is similar to an all or nothing personality but it takes extremes to another level. I see it play out most obviously in the workout and nutrition realm of my reality. When I decide I am going to dedicate some of my precious time to a workout, I want that time to completely slaughter whatever body part I am working on that day. I want it to produce epic soreness and wobbliness that makes my hubby search the cupboards for an almost empty whiskey bottle. The problem with this mindset is that if I can’t dedicate enough time to produce these results I will lose all motivation to workout whatsoever and spend that time doing another chore that will just need repeating tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Being a slaughter or nothing personality is in all reality pure robbery. I rob myself on a regular basis of worthwhile and rewarding work that would add up big time if I gave it 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day. Even if I am not hobbling around the house my body is still internally using whatever I can give it to create a better version of health than I enjoyed yesterday. After this realization kicked in I decided to fight back and try to implement a new mindset into my daily life. If I can’t reach those lofty goals I set in the morning I will still go to bed satisfied as long as I know I have done something that will make me healthier tomorrow than I am today. Slaughter Or Nothing step aside, Make It Count is the new sheriff in town and he intends to get results.


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