Hunting Roots

There is no one word to describe the heart of who a person is. A word that captures the combination of experiences, character, choices, morals and thoughts hasn’t been created. A word that encompasses the entirety of who you are simply doesn’t exist. Possibly the reason for that is because that word would be seeking to culminate vast expanses of life pieces all fitting together in one individual person and yet used to also describe everyone else’s life pieces all of which are completely individual. The job is just too large for any one word to handle. One of the wonderful mysteries of human kind is our variety. We are all so very different and often those differences are celebrated by us as we use them to portray a small snapshot of the huge collection that equals who we are. We find comfort and familiarity in them. They give us a source to help others around us relate to who we are and understand what makes us tick.


One of the largest influences to the core of who we are, stems from the basics of our roots. This is the backbone of our beginning and the source of the first experiences we have that imprint our learning minds and formulate our earliest memories. We are not bound by these beginnings no matter how grand nor humble they are. They influence us without a doubt but the extent that they shape us is determined by our choices as we grow and add to our collection of experiences. We choose to allow each and every experience to lift us or to restrain us, to build us up or tear us down, to embolden and drive us or to stifle and squelch us.


The power of the human mind to rise above physical limitations and attain that which is not expected, is an often untapped ability just waiting for a motivated and determined individual to utilize this invaluable resource buried inside each and every one of us. To go through one’s life without ever tasting the reward of rising above the physical or emotional challenge by utilizing the mind is a common but sad reality for many.


For most of us, life is a constant barrage of chaos. Many important characters, in the story of our lives, need us for a number of different roles, simultaneously. These are the good parts of life. We need to be busy and we need to be needed. Investing in our homes, and families our communities and our world gives us purpose and a high quality of life. There is another part of us that is equally important and can often get lost in the shuffle. The part of us that heals, grows and empowers ourselves through consistent nurturing in calm and quiet places where meditation and silent musings can be given a voice and the time needed to fully grasp the wisdom that they offer. When one allows themselves time in peaceful places where the mind is not bombarded we can often wrestle with our demons, realize our shortcomings and find new resolve and energy to tackle our nemesis. We all have dreams and we all have demons or past mistakes that haunt us. We cannot deal with these mental obstacles and chase our life long dreams if we don’t have quiet and peaceful times scattered between the chaos of every day life.


For the lucky outdoorsman, we find ourselves getting time in touch with our deeper thoughts and our inner mind more often than most. Nature, the thick timber, the open hillside, the tree stand or the canyon, offer quiet, peace and serenity for the tattered mind. It is not possible to stop the mind from wandering in these places. It is as if the scent of pine or sage…the simple odor of natural earth gives permission and a kind of release to your brain allowing it to wander paths usually gated off during everyday life. These paths can lead to solutions, healthier relationships and happier lives. Going hunting means much more than simply, chasing an animal around the woods. For me going hunting means taking a trip into my guarded thoughts and I always come away from it refreshed and ready to tackle my regular life with greater vitality, purpose and drive. Being a hunter shapes the whole of who I am more than just physically but it also shapes who I am mentally. A large number of the pieces in my life story have been forged in hunting adventures and many of those pieces have been some of the greatest experiences in my life.


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