An Early Season Lesson

Archery season has officially started here in Montana which means that I can pursue a mule deer buck, whitetail doe, bull elk and doe antelope with my bow. I can also hunt black bear with a rifle and turkeys with a shotgun. I have been able to get out twice so far.  Day 1 found me out in search of my mule deer buck and the only deer I saw, were the ones in the dark on the way out. The next hunt was a quick trip out with the hubby looking for a problem black bear near a friends country home. That trip we saw a lot of deer and some bighorn sheep. I will continue to keep updating as the season progresses and in the meantime I hope you all enjoy this little video of practice and an early season lesson.


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  1. Love seeing all the photos of your adventures! Please, keep posting about your hunting adventures. Would like to hear more about how to scout and what you do to prepare for your hunts.

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    1. HuntFiber says:

      Thank you! I will keep your ideas in mind for a future post!!

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